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Teeth whitening

NOTE: Teeth whitening is a selective procedure. Not all clients are suitable candidates for whitening treatment. The results will vary between the patients. Our dental hygienist will be more than happy to answer all your questions about teeth whitening.

How does the bleaching treatment work?

A moldable dental "tray" or mouthpiece is submerged into hot water for approximately 5 seconds or until softened and a bite impression is taken for fit. After shaping the trays for upper and lower teeth, the whitening gel, which contains active ingredient 22 % Carbamide Peroxide, is applied to individual trays and inserted into the mouth and over the teeth. One tray at a time is left in place for 20-30 minutes. Extending treatment times for faster whitening may be alright if teeth are not over-sensitive.
As the gel is activated, a slight tingling or bubbling sensation may be felt, which is the IMG_6440oxidation process taking place. Basically, the Carbamide Peroxide based ingredients penetrate porous tooth enamel,"bleaching" away discolorations that are present as the result of certain food, drink or other staining substances. Treatment should be done on upper and lower teeth each day or at the user's discretion until desired whitening is achieved. Normally the procedure takes from 7-10 days.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to  wipe any excess of whitening gel that gets onto your gums.Whitening gel is very potent and can cause chemical burn. If teeth sensitivity occurs, you can take a break and bleach your teeth every other day instead of daily. Sensodyne tooth paste might help with temporary sensitivity from whitening if you start brushing 2 weeks ahead. Try to avoid colorful foods and drinks while you are whitening your teeth.

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