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Teeth whitening

NOTE: Teeth whitening is a selective procedure. Not all clients are suitable candidates for whitening treatment. The results will vary between the patients. Our dental hygienist will be more than happy to answer all your questions about teeth whitening. How does the bleaching treatment work? A moldable dental "tray" or mouthpiece is submerged into hot…
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Denture cleaning

Dentures should be professionally cleaned regularly! Lack of professional denture cleanings may cause the following: Stomatitis and Oral Candidiasis Infections and Sores Stomach Problems Bad Breath Bone Loss Lung Diseases The Competitive Dental Hygiene Clinic recommends dentures to be professionally cleaned at least every 6 months.
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Sensitive Teeth When teeth have open tubules inside them, they are prone to being considerably more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Rather than avoiding certain dishes or using a sensitive toothpaste, we offer a simple and quick procedure for sensitive teeth. Extreme sensitivity caused by recession or abrasion can be treated with the application…
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